Sunday School

It's not a thing of the past, but a key ministry of our church family.

"The Sunday School ministry at FBC enables adults and children alike to interact, and make new friends. The classes are led by mature followers of Jesus who strive to expand our Biblical knowledge and strengthen our spiritual walk with God in smaller group settings. It’s an easy way for visitors who may be considering FBC to be their church home to get to know others in our fellowship."
- Chuck
"Sunday School is a time to delve deeper into subjects and people of the Bible.
It’s a time to create and develop friendships that can become closer than family.  A group you can rely on to pray for and encourage you.
Our children in their classes will go through many years with the same friends learning the truths of Scripture.  They also will develop friendships that will last for many years."

Keep Growing

"Sunday School is unique because it provides an opportunity to not only be taught God's Word and be mentored but a place to ask questions. My heart is most moved when our class shares about what God is doing in our day-to-day lives, seeing Him answer prayers, and the challenge/accountability to keep growing in our personal relationships with Christ."
- Renata


"In the parable of the sower, Jesus talked of the seed that was cast on good soil. Good soil needs to be cultivated. Our Sunday School cultivates the soil of our hearts as we fellowship, study, and pray together in our classes."
- Bill


"Sunday School has provided an opportunity to build relationships with others in the church. During our time we have participated in multiple studies that we have really enjoyed. The time during class allows us to discuss many different topics about our faith with other like-minded Christians. It makes us feel a part of the church rather than just someone attending church."
- Kyle and Samantha

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